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Plastic Surgery is a medical specialty in surgery that involves the correction, reconstruction or restoration of the form and function of damaged skin and tissue. The word "plastic" in Plastic Surgery comes from the Greek word "plastikos," which means "to mold" or "to shape."

Not to be confused as the equivalent of Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery primarily aims to restore or approximate, to as close to normal as possible, the function of skin and tissue that have been damaged by various causes, including congenital diseases, injuries and illnesses that develop later in life. Second only to restoring function, improving the appearance of the damaged skin is another objective of plastic surgery.

Meanwhile, Cosmetic Surgery, a subset of Plastic Surgery, deals more with aesthetic reconstruction as a remedy to conditions that may or may not impede with the body's normal function. Nonetheless, correcting these conditions and achieving a desired result provides individuals with a confidence booster and an improved physical wellbeing.

Plastic Surgery for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes must be carried out exclusively by trained and licensed plastic surgeons. In addition, people desiring or planning to undergo any type of cosmetic or reconstructive surgical procedure must thoroughly be informed of such procedure and its consequences.